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5 Sustainable Bras by MAGIC Bodyfashion

5 Sustainable Bras by MAGIC Bodyfashion
It’s 2022. According to climate change experts, we have roughly 8 years left, meaning until 2030, to reduce our carbon footprint and our greenhouse emissions. If we manage, we avoid hitting a turning point from which we may never recover. Phew, that is a lot of responsibility we have to carry on our shoulders, right?

That’s why MAGIC Bodyfashion decided to make it easier for you to contribute to saving the beloved planet we call home.


By developing 5 super comfortable bras that are made from eco-friendly, ethical, and recycled material, such as Tanboocel bamboo fibers, Modal, and recycled Polyamide!

Besides simply caring for our environment, MAGIC Bodyfashion proves that sustainability doesn’t have to be boring, expensive, and dull, but fun, affordable, and colorful!

We introduce our sustainable bras and bralettes.

Body Hugging Bamboo Collection

As the name already suggests, our Bamboo Collection is so soft that it hugs your body on an everyday basis! (Fun fact: Clothing made of bamboo fibers is more soft than cotton.)

Why is that?

Bamboo fiber is soft to the skin because it is naturally smooth and circular. It’s not only softer than cotton but also offers better ventilation, is antiallergenic, and is more moisture absorbent. Perfect for low-impact workouts and those upcoming summer days!
Furthermore, our Body Hugging Bamboo Collection offers different styles. Every woman has different preferences and we value that!

Let’s take our Comfort Bra Bamboo as an example. The Sustainable Bra is wireless and has built-in support. Also, the inlay cups are removable and ensure that your bust is in excellent form! Perfect for when you come home and simply want to feel comfortable without taking your bra off as you did before! With its wider shoulder straps and no closure in the front or back, any kind of pressure on the body is prevented. Amazing, right?

The Bamboo Comfort Bra with Spaghetti Straps shares the same properties except it has slimmer straps, which you can easily adjust to your liking and wear under any type of clothing!

Both are available in various colors. For, sustainability doesn’t have to be represented by dull, earthy colors only!

The Comfort Bamboo Bandeau is strapless, which makes it a must-have for when you own clothing that shows your neckline! It stays in place all day long and is available in a beautiful, feminine rose color.

If you are seeking something that has slightly more coverage - don’t worry, we got you! The Bamboo Shape Bra has a wider band under the bust with a perfect shaping effect and the wider straps prevent painful pressure for your shoulders

In case wider straps are not your thing - The Bamboo Shape Bra Spaghetti is also available in this collection. It has the same material, function, and shape as the Bamboo Shape bra. Both of the Bamboo Bra styles are a perfect choice if you are looking for ultimate comfort and softness.

MAGIC Dream Organics & Recycled Fabrics

More sustainable bra styles to choose from: If you thought we only have one sustainable collection to choose from - surprise! The MAGIC Dream Organics Bralette offers a seamless, wire-free design giving the ultimate comfort for your skin as the back of the bralette has no closure. Meaning no uncomfortable clips scraping against your skin.

But what is the difference between the Dream Organics bralette and the Comfort Bra Bamboo? Well, this innovative bralette features a V-shape neckline and a supportive band under the bust giving your chest a nice flattering lift you have ‘’dreamed’’ of. Apart from that, the Dream Organics bralette is made from modal fabric that feels like a second skin! You won’t even notice you are wearing a bralette during a busy day.

You can dress it up for an evening out or dress it down for those lazy Sunday mornings, lounging around the house.

Just like The Dream Organics Bralette, The Recycled Mesh Bra has a V-shaping neckline, it is wireless and has a supportive band under the bust for extra comfort.

The difference is this sustainable bra has been designed with transparent mesh mixed with soft fabric, giving the bra an edgier look. It has a hook & eye closure and it has no padding, which allows your chest to have a more natural look.

We hope you enjoyed reading our blog and that you are ready to show off your own sustainable and comfortable bra from MAGIC Bodyfashion!

See you soon!
MAGIC Bodyfashion

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